Vicki T. Gibbs
Writer and Editor

Selected Works

More Time for Sex: The Organizing Guide for Busy Couples
“Fun to read and filled with real-life examples … every page crammed with tips…”
--Copley News Service
Leading from the Zone: How Authentic Leaders Achieve Exceptional Results
A book about “playing to win,” yet always doing the right thing regardless of the risks.
How to Write Like an Executive
Learn to apply your skills to all kinds of business writing, including letters, proposals, and memos.
From Victim to Victor: A Step-By-Step Guide For Ending The Nightmare Of Identity Theft
"With this new edition of From Victim to Victor..., Mari once again provides an excellent guide to help victims of identity theft regain their good name and peace of mind." U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself With A Personal Privacy Audit
"Safeguard Your Identity is the most concisely written and useful protection against the growing scourge of our time. It is well organized and reader friendly, allowing you to benefit from Mari Frank's pioneering work." -- Evan Hendricks, author of "Credit Scores and Credit Reports."
Among Equals: A Memoir- The Rise of IBM’s First Woman Corporate Vice President
"Like those brave soldiers on the battlefield, Leach approached her career with a fearlessness that is evident in her writing. She tells poignant and sometimes amusing stories of what her life was like then...It's a story of innovation, not only in business, but also in business ethics and attitudes." ForeWord Magazine


Thanks for surfing by my little piece of cyberspace. If you’re looking for someone to edit your masterpiece, ghostwrite your memoir, or collaborate with you on the next bestseller … I may be your woman.

Over the past 20+ years I have helped aspiring authors turn their ideas into marketable books on a variety of topics including:

• identity theft,
• leadership,
• conquering clutter,
• writing, and
• learning styles.

I have edited memoirs for:

• a prominent businesswoman,
• a missionary doctor, and
• a controversial political figure.

When working as a ghostwriter or substantive editor, I always maintain the author’s unique voice, while telling an accurate, coherent, and entertaining story.

If you’d like more information about how I can help you work magic with your words, please contact me by clicking on the “E-mail the Author” link in the upper, left-hand corner.

Here’s what two former clients had to say:

by Mari J. Frank, Esq.
(From the Acknowledgments)

"To Vicki Gibbs, my amazing editor ... Her literary skills, organizational talents, and affirmative attitude made my hectic schedule a much more positive experience." -- Mari Frank

IBM's First Female Corporate Vice President

"Your diligence, your steadfast faithfulness, your perseverance, and your persistent optimism for this project have been an inspiration to K and me. We're deeply grateful and will always consider you my silent partner." Ruth Leach Amonette