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Books I edited or rewrote:

The Emergence of One American Nation: The Revolution, the Founders, and the Constitution by Donald J. Fraser, (Fraser & Associates, 2016.


From Victim to Victor: A Step-by-Step Guide for Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft by Mari Frank, Esq. (Porpoise Press, 2004)

Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself With a Personal Privacy Audit by Mari Frank, Esq. (Porpoise Press, 2004)

Among Equals: A Memoir- The Rise of IBM’s First Woman Corporate Vice President, by Ruth Leach Amonette (Creative Arts, 2000).

Medicine and Miracles Amid the Multitudes by Dr. Marian Boehr (American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, 2002)

Passion and Betrayal by Gennifer Flowers (Emery Dalton Books, 1995).

Quantum Learning: Unleashing the Genius in You by Bobbi DePorter with Mike Hernacki, (Dell, 1992) and
Quantum Business: Achieving Success Through Quantum Learning, by Bobbi DePorter with Mike Hernacki,(Dell, 1997).

Healing the Hungry Self: The Diet Free Solution to Weight Control Problems and Eating Disorders by Deirdra Price, Ph.D.

Good Men: The Good Parenting Guide for Divorced Fathers by Jack Feuer (Avon Books, 1997).

Fire in the Heart: Stories of Sharing the Gospel, collected and edited by Charlotte F. Gillespie for International Ministries (1998)

Other book projects include work on:
The Energetic Manager by Fred Pryor (Prentice Hall, 1987),
Aloe Vera, by Diane Gage (Healing Arts Press, 1988).


Perfect Courage: Translate Your Vision into Reality, Authentically by William Arnold (Publishers Design Group, 2005)

Leading from the Zone: How Authentic Leaders Achieve Exceptional Results (Publishers Design Group, 2004) with William W. Arnold.

More Time for Sex: The Organizing Guide for Busy Couples (Dutton, 1995) - sold out its first printing in less than one month. Published in paperback by Plume, 1996. Chinese rights sold 1997.

How To Write Like An Executive, with Patricia Westheimer, (Scott, Foresman & Co., 1989.) Worked on two other books in Westheimer's business writing series The Executive Style Book and Power Writing for Executive Women.